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During the Black Friday Week (Monday 22 to Monday, November 29) at Decathlon we are keeping it green. During this week you will not find discounts with us, instead we want to contribute to a greener world! And that's why we are going to plant trees in collaboration with Trees for all.

Last year we planted 1843 trees, which are 29 tennis courts! And we want to plant even more this year! And that where we need your help!

What are we going to do? We're a sports company so you've guessed it, we're going to exercise! Last year, the entire Decathlon team collected enough kilometers to travel from Amsterdam to Moscow. Yep, you read it right: from Amsterdam to Moscow, a nice 2462 km! This year we will again do our best to try and go even further.

The team Tree-Umph (aka the Online Marketing team) is going to try to score as many of these kilometers as possible. Runing, cycling, walking.. by any way possible, together or on our own. 

What do we need from you? Send us your support and motivation by making a donation on our page.5€ = 1 tree. How many trees do you want to help us plant? 

Then we'll take of all the hard work ;)

Go Try, Go Green!
With green greetings